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    Question: What do guys carry for emergency flat tire issue?

    Just wondering what people carry in the event of a flat tire. I just picked up a nail in my rt rear and tried to use the Slime sealant/pump combo I bought in case something like this happened. Living in Florida, the kit is stored in the car where it is hot. The Slime kit is only about 1 1/2...
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    Air intake suggestions / thoughs

    Air intake suggestions / thoughts I own a '98 Coupe and am considering replacing the stock air intake with something less restrictive. I see lots of options but am wondering if some of the community members here have had some experience (good or bad) with different models. I'm not looking for...
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    Return to Corvette with a '98 C5

    Thanks for accepting me to CAC! Been away from Corvettes for several years after racing/autocrossing Porsches for better than 15. But in the 90's I owned and loved my first Vette, a '75, L48, 4sp with factory A/C. Sold it in '98 to grow a small business..... Now retired, I told my wife once we...
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