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    Question about the XM Antenna

    Question about the XM Antenna on the 2005 C6 Coupe I have a 2005 C6 coupe, and IMHO I think one of the most aweful things Chevy (GM) did was put that Ugly black "ZIT" in the middle of the roof and call it an XM antenna, what a hideous thing to do to one of the most beautiful cars on the planet...
  2. caddy


    I have an 05 C6 Coupe, I ordered it and bought it brand new, picked it up in Apr.05, I've got less than 14K on it, should I need new front tires already? Because I need em', my back tires are in great shape probably got another 15k left on them, but the fronts are almost shot, I'll be lucky if I...
  3. caddy

    Distance to Empty Reading

    I had my LeMans Blue Met C6 Coupe in the shop the other day for Oil change and a few warranty fixes, and I noticed that when I got it back on Thursday a strange happening...... Usually when I fill up with liquid gold (GAS) the reading on the DIC will display between 400 to around 418 miles on...
  4. caddy

    XM Antenna & Back Valance on 2005

    I was wondering if anyone out there has done this yet....I have a 2005 C6 Coupe LeMans Blue Met. and I was thinking of getting that Nasty looking Black Bump on my roof (called an XM antenna) painted to match my vehicle and at the same time go ahead and get the Black Valance in the back (which is...
  5. caddy

    Lamps for 2005 C6 Coupe

    I've been seeing alot of advertising for these new lamps that are made up of a bunch of LED's that just stab or twist right into existing sockets on cars/trucks, I was wondering if anyone out there has used any of these lamps? and if so have you tried them in the newer model Vettes? And do they...
  6. caddy

    2005-2006 Roof Panel Recall

    Has anyone out there had the problem with the roof on the Coupe? If so have you taken it in? If so did the problem get fixed? Thanks
  7. caddy

    Front license plate holders (Su*k) IMHO

    This is a question for all you C6 owners who are unfortunate enought to live in a state the requires a front license plate like Texas and NJ....etc. anyway have any of you folks ever heard of a site with the web address of: WWW.IAPRODUCTS.COM? The reason I ask is because the other day I was...
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    Exhaust for 05 C6

    I love my C6, best car I've ever owned, but it's just a little to quite for me, I don't want it really loud, but I would like a little rumble, I don't want to get sleepy when I'm driving on a long trip because of monotone exhaust being to loud (am I making sense here?), what I'm looking for is...
  9. caddy

    1994 C4 Coupe Yellow 6-speed FOR SALE

    Nice Car 138K miles-Competion Yellow, Black Interior LT1 300HP Runs Great Replaced: Opti-spark, Starter, Steering Column, Battery, Tires, Rotors, Bearings, Brakes, Fuel Pump, Clutch Slave Cyl., Brake Booster, K&B Air Filter, Plugs, Wires, O2 Sensor, Inspection Repaired: Tune-up, A/C Work...
  10. caddy

    Stock Rotors for C6 to Z51 Drilled Rotors

    When I bought my 2005 C6 I didn't get the Z51 package, and of course now I'm sorry I didn't, but I would like to change out my stock rotors and replace them with the Z51 drilled rotors, can anyone out there tell me is this possible without going to GREAT pains? Can I use the same brakes? or do...
  11. caddy

    Radio W/Nav

    Couple of questions, 1. When I bought my C6 with the Nav package I thought (Stupid Me thinking again) that the Nav package CD player would play MP3's..well you guessed it......It doesn't, anyone out there gone 3rd party to add on to the existing Nav package with a CD player that will play MP3's...
  12. caddy


    :cry I guess this is more of a gripe than anything else, I bought a new C6 with the Nav package, and of course it only has one CD, well if you read the manual (at least me) I get the impression that you can make a CD using MP3's....well if you can, I must be stupid because I have tried and tried...
  13. caddy

    Cross Drilled Rotors

    I just ordered a new 2005 C6 and I ordered it without the Z51 option, however the one thing that I really like about the z51 package are the rear cross drilled rotors, I was wondering has anyone out there replaced there stock rotors with Cross Drilled Rotors? and if so what all has to be done...
  14. caddy

    New C6

    I just ordered a new C6 on Sat and I got the Nav system, I can't seem to find an answer to this question so I figured this is the best place to go. I realize by getting the Nav system my Radio/System will only have the ability to play one CD, does that player Play MP3's? No one at the dealer...
  15. caddy

    Pulling Codes on 94 LT1

    I have a 94 LT1 Coupe 6 Speed could someone give me some insight as to how to pull the codes and then what they mean, I've never done this before so I need all the help I can get Thanks
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