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    @012 Grand Sport Vert Front spoiler

    2012 Grand Sport Vert Front spoiler I have a 2012 GS vert, bought new last year - it was a leftover. Here is the issue the front spoiler/splitter on it is so low that it impedes normal driving. Every little dip or and even backing out of my driveway causes it to rub. The other day I wanted...
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    Auto Transport Survey and Report Card

    Auto Transport Survey and Report Card As we approach the all important kick off to the 2014 auction season in Arizona and Florida, the automobile transport companies are swamped moving cars to the auction. And while most of these companies are well managed and reliable it might serve our...
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    Clear Bra

    I just picked up my new GS convertible and am considering a 3M clear bra. ;help The prices in my area are running between $850 to $1200. I was just about to make an appointment even though I thought the prices were too high when I saw an advertisement from 3M for a spray on clear bra that they...
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    Differences between the early C6 (2005) and the late C6(2013)

    I am looking for some feedback from those who have owned an early C6 (2005 or 2006) and then bought the later (2012 or 2013) Grand Sport. I am curious if there is much difference in the early C6 with the Z51 performance package and the grand sport in handling etc. Any help would be...
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    F/S 2005 DSOM C6 Coupe (Phoenix AZ Area)

    CAR IS SOLD 2005 Corvette Coupe For Sale CAR IS SOLD I am the original owner of this beautiful Daytona SunsetOrange Metallic /Cashmere Arizona car. The car is equipped with the optional Z51 Performance Package, allcomfort options and an automatic transmission...
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    Will there be more than a passing resemblance????

    Wonder how closely the new C7 and the new Ferrari will resemble each other? The first F12berlinetta to be delivered in the U.S. was sold for $1.125 million at auction on Nov. 17, 2012 at a Ferrari event in Austin, Texas, during the Formula 1 US Grand Prix weekend.
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    1999/2000 C5 FRC "The Hardtop For Hardcores"

    Several weeks ago Hib Halverson shared an interesting story with me concerning the birth of the C5 Corvette and more specifically the FRC which I believe most Corvette enthusiasts would find interesting. I asked Rob to resurrect Hib’s article so all forum members could enjoy it. Few of us have...
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    Remember those Ads??

    I ran across this the other day and it made me remember how I wanted to own every car in the ad. Anyway do you remeeber these?
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    Ever wonder whether the C5 or C6 is faster?

    If you have ever wondered whether the C5 or C6 was faster and which car was better on a road course...then by all means do not ask these two drivers!!!:crazy This was on Jalopnik and it is pretty clear both of these idiots need to go to drivers school!:Steer Looks like neither one of these guys...
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    What Colors Will Be Offered on the New C7 VOTE

    It's election year and hopefully we are in the habit of voting. We just completed the poll on the "Camaro-esque rear lights". In that poll 18 forum users said they either "disliked" or "hated" the rumored rear design of the "Camaro-esque" lights on the new C7, while 5 were "indifferent" to the...
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    Which car did you enjoy the most

    I was speaking to another Corvette owner who was telling me the history of his car, while we sipped our coffee at an early morning gathering of Corvettes & Caffeine a few Saturdays ago. He told me that he purchased his Atomic Orange C6 from someone in New Mexico with only a few thousand miles...
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    An Interesting Scenario and Craig Jackson's Garage

    As many of you probably realize, preparations for Barrett-Jackson's world famous January collector car auction are already underway in Scottsdale Arizona. The magnitude of this auction requires Craig and his team to begin preparing for their flagship Scottsdale auction almost a year in advance...
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    C7 Rear “Camaro-esque”Design Poll

    Perhaps one of the most controversial designs on the newCorvette C7 has been the rumored “Camaro-esque” rear tail lights. :argue The issue has sparked deep feelings in manyCorvette enthusiasts to the extent that in another blog the controversy has gottenso heated that it has been responsible...
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    WTB 2001 C5 White Z06 with Black/Red Interior

    Looking for a white Z06 with the black/red interior combo. 2001 was the only year for the white z06. must be original and matching numbers. thanks
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    2000 Corvette Fixed Roof Coupe Z19 RPO Code Question

    This site is a wonderful resource. I am researching my 2000 FRC and I noticed that in 2000 100% of the FRCs came with RPO code z19 which is listed as autocross/gymkhana package. Question is I cannot find that RPO listed for my car. Since all FRCs had this did they not list it with the rest of...
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