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    Question: column lock

    why and what causes the 2005 c6 service column lock to activate? has anyone ever found out from the engieers at GM, WHY? is there any info on line to get to a source for this information?
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    Question: 2005 c6 column lock

    just installed column lock eliminator. it works, no locking steering wheel, or engine shut off. new fully charged battery too. while driving the message, "sevice column lock" still pops up. is there a remedy for this? i just tap one of the buttons on the dash and it goes away. no other...
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    Question: manual trans

    is there any way to get around the need to put the trans in reverse when parking, 2005!
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    Question: manual shifters

    looking for new shifter for 2005 c6. is there a difference . sites have listings for 2008-20013. will they fit 2005
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    Question: 2005 c6 column lock

    just started having problem with "service column lock" and car won't start. had battery checked, ok, and had it fully charged. started no problem. what scared me was while driving, at 50mph, the message flashed again and stayed on. i hit the reset button and message went off. came to a stop, and...
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    Question: c6 owners manual

    does anyone know where i can get a 2005 c6 owners manual, at an inexpensive price?
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    Question: 2005 c6 manual trans

    is there any way to get around, having to shift into reverse when parking, shutting off engine without running down the battery?
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    Question: intakes

    are the after market intakes really worth the investment? i have a 2011 grand sport, dry sump engine. any input would be apprciated. thanks dan
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    Question: c6 exhaust filler panel

    has anyone installed the c6 filler panel. how did it work? and is it worth it?
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    Grand Sport rear view mirror

    I blew the fuse for the mirror compass. does anyone know which fuse it is? already replaced fuse for the courtesy lights. would appreciate any help.
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    Grand Sport detector power cord to mirror

    have already ruined 2 of these power cords from "CORVETTE MODS" trying to plug the cord into back of mirror. leads are very short and very flimsy. anyone else have this problem? will try again, but need suggestion on this install.
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    Grand Sport pfadt alignment on c6 grand sport

    pfadt align :)I meant performance street.
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    Grand Sport pfadt alignment on c6 grand sport

    pfadt time for service, so I will take it to another dealer, and have it checked out
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    Grand Sport pfadt alignment on c6 grand sport

    pfadt align I had the specs and had it done at a chevy dealer. gave them the specific for daily driver. and have the report in hand.
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    Grand Sport pfadt alignment on c6 grand sport

    :)had my car aligned to the pfadt racing specs I read about for good tire wear, but It seems to wander. has anyone else experienced this?
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