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    rotten eggs

    My car has been running rough for a couple hundred miles now, on and off, and seemed to get a little worst this morning. I pulled it in the garage, and the odor diagnosised the problem. I read the cats don't go bad very often, so I'm guessing O2 sensor(s). Could I unplug the sensors, and...
  2. davec0_17

    PKE battery

    I wonder if anyone else has to replace the remote battery every 6 months? I have had the car just over 1 year, and I am on the third battery. I put one in when I first got the car, another aprox 6 months later, and again today. Up to today I would go through the ritual of reprogaming the...
  3. davec0_17

    Bottom feeder cleaning

    I took advantage of the mild weather yesterday to remove my fan shroud and clean my radiator. I used a small shark vaccum cleaner and compress air instead of water. I wouldnt have thought it was a four hour job, and with the A/c lines, I never did get the shroud all the way out. Those six...
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