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    gadorback tire for 84-88

    gatorback tire for 84-88 are there that many 255-50-16 vr gadorbacks out there for sell for cars to be judged on , and if not how much would they count off , for not having them. i was told they only went about 17 k miles or so. and what would new one s be worth when you found them.
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    water pump

    was this water pump #3975928 ever on a corvette 1968 or 69 or any other, said to be on big block zl1
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    big block water pump part number

    saw a pump for sell .number 3975928 said to be off a 68 or 69 big block tri power dose anyone know if there is a way to find out if it did , . thank george
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    i need a convertible top frame for a 1968, and what years will work,anyone have one?
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    wtb convert top,fame for 1968

    need a top for 1968 convertible( frame.)
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    NCRS in Atlanta?

    ncrs in atlanta? i here there is a ncrs meet in atlanta, at stone mountain when is it . march sometime i heard? george
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    judging ?

    i know on a 68 the correct non d o t redline tires are needed to be correct . i think thats right. So on a 84- 85 to be correct do you have to have the 255 50 vr16 gatorbacks to be judged correct? which i believe they do not make anymore. thanks george
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    54 carbs and intake

    i have a set of restore carbs and intake for a six . tring to fined out what they are worth and if there a market to sell them .they have silver tags on carbs. said to be service carb they look new no linkage any ideas?
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    red stripe tire for 68

    found a set of 1968 aa wheel s with redstripe tires on them are real red stripes not repo. in great shape like new with spare any ideas what they are worth?
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    convert top bows 57

    i found a man with the bows or rails what ever you call them for a 1957 convertible top . he has a lot of mid year parts what are the bows worth? cloth top is gone just rails. george
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    how many 2-tones

    how many 2 tone are here in the corvette action center, just 1981 looking for tan and bronzes one. and how many r 4speed or automatic,
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    going price

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    another 81

    bought another 81 this weekend, two tone 50/74 car is in great shape .71k on it. bought from 2nd owner 4 speed not near as fast as 81 with 383 in it . but still fun to drive.
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    convertible top and frame

    what should i have to pay for the frame of a 65 convertible top? and what years will work on a 65. new and used if anyone know,
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    co7 code

    has anyone seen or have a 65 convert that had a hardtop instead of the soft top? and if you do or did , did the back deck have the hole s for the soft top to lock into , or was there a deck made with no holes for the top? george
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