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  • At 70 Mph, the entire car shakes really bad. At about 40 Mph, the car has a little shimmy.

    When I drive my 1986 Gold Corvette at about 70 Mph, the entire car shakes. I have had the tires balanced twice and they are not off. I had my mechanic check the U-joints and he said they are fine too.

    About 10 years ago, I replaced the following:

    Delco Remanufactured Rack & Pinion
    Tie Rod Ends
    Upper and Lower Ball Joints (4)
    Ball Joints
    Inner & Outer Sway Bar Bushings
    Front Fiberglass Spring
    New Nuts & Bolts

    Does anyone have a suggestion how to fix the problem?

    If Headlights go on, Dash Lights in the Middle Console go off

    I have a 1986 Gold Corvette, that I have restored, but one of my last problems is the following:

    When I turn on the Headlights or Parking Lights, the Dash Lights in the Middle Console for the heater, and the radio light goes off and return on when the Headlights or Parking Lights are Turned Off. I already installed a Delco Headlight Switch including Dimmer and my mechanic put in a “Jumper Wire” from the switch to the dash lights behind the radio with a 5-amp fuse, which soon burned out and then he added a 7.5-amp fuse but that burned out too.

    I think the problem started after I had new carpet installed.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? Do you think my New, Delco Headlight Switch is bad?

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