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    Tachometer Red Line Changing

    My '19 has not demonstrated that "quirk," at least...not that I've noticed. Next time I drive it, I'll have to watch close.
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    Power Bond Harmonic Balancer

    You have a 10% underdrive damper. It requires shorter belts. Contact Dayco for information on what belt to use.
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    1 injector not clicking 92 corvette

    DTC24 is a fault with your VSS. Does the speedometer work? DTC26 is a fault with your #1 quad-driver which may explain the AIR pump not working. Either of those codes will require some diagnostic equipment and the factory Service Manual to solve.
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    C5 Gas Gauge finally died.

    If you have been using Chevron Techron for a few years, it's unlikely any pour-in additive is going to fix your problem but you can try what I call "the shock treatment". Buy three bottles of Red Line Complete Fuel System Cleaner and run them though the fuel system one bottler per tankful for...
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    Grand Sport Just bought a supercharged c6 GS

    Your engine is making somewhere between 600 and 625 at the flywheel SAE-corrected. That's pretty impressive. The torque and power curves above about 4300 get a bit jagged. Did the chassis dyno operator have any explanation of that. Also, was there any air:fuel ratio data and did you happen to...
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    For Sale 2019 ZR1 wheels

    Don't feel bad, I cracked a C6 Z06 wheel too...a rear 20x12. Another name I've used for our car is Bad-Assed Bee.
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    For Sale 2019 ZR1 wheels

    $100 price reduction and bump.
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    For Sale 2019 ZR1 wheels

    "Yellow beetle"?? Who give their car a name like that? :eyerole You man "Bad Black and Yellow"...right? I put a set of Forgeine GS1Rs on the car.
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    For Sale 2019 ZR1 wheels

    2019 ZR1 wheels Q9J Satin Black Used. In great condition No caps. No LTPWS sensors $1400 plus shipping and insurance. Free delivery anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area.
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    Grand Sport Kit or not?

    C6 Grand Sports have no "resonators". Indeed, you can remove the mufflers, but trust me, the noise level in the car on the highway will have your breaking up with the guy:cry in short order. As for the "Loudmouth 32000 Exhaust Kit, I am not familiar with that specific system but just looking...
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    93-95 ZR1 wheels F/S

    A set of original GM, not reproduction, 94-95 ZR-1 "A-Mold" wheels. Fronts are 9.5x17x56-mm, GM PN 10214046. Rears are 11x17x36-mm, GM PN 10214047. ZR-1 center caps are included. These wheels are used but in very good condition. Without Low Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensors SOLD
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    PS2s for sale

    Michelin Pilot Sport 2 ZP Tires Two 285/35ZR19 fronts Two 335/25ZR20 rears They fit ZR1s and Z06es w. Z07 These are run flat tires. Front tread depths are 16/64-in. New was 19/64-in. Rear tread depths are 14/64-in. New was 19/64-in. They are 18 months old. Driven 5000 miles, on the...
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    PS2s for sale

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    Grand Sport Grand Sport Vin # question.....

    GM likely has that data. Getting it might be a challenge. Start by contacting the Grand Sport Registry.
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    Rare Dark Purple Metallic ZR-1 F/S

    This ain't no driver. Not a waxer either. Just a good looking, nice driving, great running, one-owner '95 with a bit of a story behind it. So here goes.... For Sale: 1995 ZR-1. The 140-th of 448 built in the final year of production. Painted Dark Purple Metallic. Only 25 ZR-1s, out of the...
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