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  • Barrett, The $300 was a special for VOTR. The $150 discounts cannot be added together. You can only use one discount at a time.

    Classes are usually every Monday - Wednesday.
    The schedule is posted. Go to www.racespringmountain.com, click on EVENT CALENDAR on the right side of the page. Just below "Spring Mountain Event Calendar" click on Advanced Corvette Driving School and Radical School calendar. Then phone the track 1.800.3916891 and speak to one of our Reps that can give you the open classes. Tell them that Janet sent you. Let me know if you have any problems. Thanks for considering Spring Mountain Advanced Driving School
    Janet Curran
    When will Spring Mountain post the fall schedule? I retire in June, and was wanting to schedule the 3 day class for sometime in September, before the snows get heavy in Colorado. The sooner the better as I am thinking of cashing in some frequent flyer miles, but with the reduced flights between Denver and LV, I am worried that I will not be able to get a seat if I wait too long and may have to drive (or heaven forbid, spend $ for the seat when I have all kinds of miles). I thought that I would send you a PM rather than put it on your recent CAC posting. I was wondering one more thing, both the CAC and Rocky Mountain Corvette Social Club get a $150 discount. Last summer at VOTR, I received a $300 discount. Can I qualify for an additional $150?
    Barrett Benson
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