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    "Carry her away "

    Hello to all!:D I want to thank all with winky!:D I would like some feed back on transporting her. I live in South west Fl.And am relocating to Northern Fl. My question is in regard's to towing her. I know it is recomended to flat bed her either on trailer or flat bed truck. Can I transport...
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    Help! We now call her winky!

    Good mornining 2 all my new found vette heads :). May be some can ;help me? I am having trouble with the driver side head light. If I disconnect the power to it ,I can roll it up manualy and it stay's up thus my wife and I have given her the nick name winky!:L. When I plug the power back in to...
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    Happy New Year 2 all!

    Hi everyone I am a new member. I and my wife own an 84 c4 hard top/convertable. And am looking forward to chatting / all! Until then may all your wheels turn freely and all your gas tanks stay full!
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