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  1. J

    Corvette weather stripping

    Ok thanks for the help
  2. J

    Corvette weather stripping

    Hello CAC world i a few months ago made a costly mistake i should have known better but i did it anyway then again i really dont know to much about what product would be good or bad, i bought a C4 weather stripping kit on EBAY for my car because i had some leaking issues on my driver side after...
  3. J

    C4 weather stripping issue

    Hello CAC world it has been awhile since i had to post any issues i guess that is a good thing my latest issue is i need to replace all the weather stripping on my C4 i had actually bought a kit off of Ebay for a decent price (that probably should have been my first red flag) and when i got it i...
  4. J

    Ac motor replacement/noise

    Hello CAC world its been awhile since I posted anything, I have a question I noticed last fall that when I turned my AC on and turn the fan on a higher setting it makes a rumbling/vibrating noise under the dash its pretty loud, it only does it when I turn the AC/heater on im thinking it is the...
  5. J

    Cooling system question

    Hello CAC friends I have a question not sure if it is an issue or not but last week my low coolant light came on in my car so I added coolant to the correct fill mark the light went away, I drove the car yesterday to work and while driving home the temp gauge went to the 3/4 mark on the gauge...
  6. J

    Weird noise under passenger dash

    Hello CAC world its been awhile since my last posting I guess that is a good thing haha ,anyway I have a issue not sure if it is serious or not recently I been hearing this rattling/grinding type noise under my passenger dash area the A/C is running at the time I hear it so I'm not sure if it...
  7. J

    A/C Evaporator

    Hello CAC world can anyone tell me where the ac evap is located on a 92? I heard it was under the dash and was hard to get to Is this true or is it under the hood by the firewall?
  8. J

    Battery Issue

    Hello CAC world I have a question it isn't one of importance but just a general question, I don't drive my Corvette a lot maybe once or twice a month and I been noticing that after it sits a while the battery goes dead and I have to jump start it and charge it back up I am assuming this is...
  9. J

    Question: Thermostat Question

    Hello CAC world I have a general question nothing to important more of curiosity but I was wondering I have a 92 corvette and I have seen other threads and heard that GM engineered corvettes to ride warm meaning the temp gauge will ride hotter (fluctuate) than any other car that I have owned...
  10. J

    Question: Standing water in gas tank reservoir

    Hello CAC friends I have a question of no importance just one in general my 92 corvette has the gas tank spout on top of the backside of the car of course. My question is when it rains water will collect in the reservoir under the tank flap where the gas cap is and sometime it has collected...
  11. J

    Question: Synthetic versus standard oil

    Hi CAC members I just have a curious question I wanted to ask no emergency or issues thank god, I was just wondering which is the better oil to use in corvette's synthetic or regular oil, my car has roughly 119,000 miles on it when I bought it the owner before me had regular oil in it so I just...
  12. J

    Question: security system not working

    Hello CAC friends, I have a question I just recently had my tilt steering rebuilt on my 92 vette they replaced the knuckle for the tilt steering and all pins springs ect.my question is after they fixed the steering column my aftermarket alarm system wont lock or unlock the doors now and I hear a...
  13. J

    Question: Car doors not unlocking fully on keyless remote unlock

    Hello CAC friends I have a 92 vette that when I hit the keyless remote to unlock the doors it doesn't fully unlock them it started with the drivers side door and I figured it was due to cold temps or below freezing temps that was making the metal parts expand and not letting it fully unlatch but...
  14. J

    Question: Driver side door leaks water when it rains

    Hello, CAC friends my 92 Vette leaks water in toward the front of the door by the hinge when it rains it isn't much at all but it is something I would like to fix, does anyone know or can direct me in the right way to find out which inner door weather stripping piece I need to buy to replace...
  15. J

    Question: Extra play in tilt steering wheel

    Hello CAC viewers I got a question I have a 92 base corvette and the steering wheel as a lot of extra play(movement up and down) in it, I'm assuming the previous owner used it a lot for leverage to get in and out of the car, anyway it failed an VA inspection do to the extra play in the wheel I...
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