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    For Sale 2014 supercharged convertible 17,000 miles 1 of 1

    My dad bought a fully optioned special order 3LT Z51 convertible Brand New in 2014. When he discovered it wasn’t any faster than my ‘69 Coupe he sent it to A&A Corvette Performance in Oxnard California and had a supercharged. Now it’s fast, really fast! Well, he’s ordered another fully loaded...
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    Tire choices for the C3

    Seriously? 3 choices? BF Goodrich Radial TA Hooooooosier Pirelli P600 This is what I can get in 235/60/15? Unless I look at the 245/60/15 then it's the BF Goodrich all by itself. How old am I anyway?
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    What's better than driving my Vette? A new C7 at Fontana!

    I was given the opportunity to join GM at the stingray precision Drive event at the auto club Speedway in Fontana California on Thursday. Several different courses were set up for us to drive the car, including a short blast on the superspeedway. The new car is good, very good.
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    ZZ383 GM Crate motor in my Vette. Here's how it worked out.

    I purchased and had a professional install a brand new ZZ383 GM Crate motor in my '69 Vette back in late 2004. My mechanic purchased the motor directly from the Chevy dealer, this is the version with the hypereutectic pistons, aluminum heads, roller cam etc... as seen in the GM catalog. I have...
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    LS7 clutch slave bleed line. Where to buy?

    I'm having the clutch, flywheel and slave for an LS7 put behind the LS6 in my Cadillac. I need a bleed line for the LS7 slave. Anyone know where I can buy a bleed line? Thanks
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    Vacuum holding tank leaking 1969 L48 car

    My vacuum holding tank is now leaking. That thing appears to be a pain in the A#@ to get out. I bypassed it for now, but every time I start the car my head lights open then close about 10 seconds later. Any easy fix or temporary fixes out there? I don't have time to pull that can out...
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    Headlight is opening by itself

    My right headlight opened up all by itself on my '69. I'm pretty sure I can hear the actuator hissing. It's been doing this for about a month, if I leave it sit in the garage for 4-5 days it will close by itself. I disconnect the vacuum lines and plug them when it's shut will it stay shut...
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    Headlights & Wiper door stuck open

    My wiper door has been opening at start up then closing a few minutes later for a while. Now my headlights are stuck open and so is the wiper door. Time to go open the hood on my '69 and pretend I know what to fix. ;squint: Suggestions are welcome.
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    Frozen rear end in a '69

    I washed my car on Sunday, drove it about 3/4 of a mile and put the car away. I went to drive it to work on Tuesday and the car won't move! Trans engages, car lifts up in the rear trying to move, but the tires don't move AT ALL. I tried to move the car again on Wednesday but same deal, frozen...
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    High performance blower motor for a C3

    Years ago I put a high performance blower motor in my '69. It was stolen out of my car about 10 years ago, stock blower motors were the only replacements available, so it's been back to stock for a decade. Is there any such animal available these days? I'd sure like to get anohter one...
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    Insullated convertible top / perf axle '07

    So my Dad is going to buy a new Vette (he's had a 1969 C3 which is now mine, a '90 ZR1 and currently a '99 C5 Coupe). Is there a performance axle/automatic? Is there an insullated convertible top option? (He's in the desert and needs to keep the heat out). I've got him convinced to get...
  12. Koop

    Voltage output on a '99

    The local dealer tells my dad he needs a battery and an alternator. 1) Does the alternator have a separate voltage regulator (I'm pretty sure it's built in) 2) Is 13.2 Volts normal output? The car is ranging between 11. something and 13.2 max. So my dad says. He took the car...
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    I thought someone here might like this. The top and what looked like original paint were yellowed from age, but WOW. I saw it at a car show on Saturday, it made me drool.
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    Power brakes on my '69

    Well, I finally broke down and had some work done on my brakes. New Hawk pads all around, stainless lines front and back, new master cyl, new front rotors and a power brake booster! My car has 6 options now! Damn this car stops better! The mechanic insisted on installing the power brakes so...
  15. Koop

    1990 ZR1 rims

    My dad bought a 1990 Zr1 new... I found these when I was cleaning out his house! Full set of 1990 ZR1 wheels.
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