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    Hard Top Hardware

    I'm looking for the nuts and bolts hardware for the hard top for a '96. Anyone know where I can get them? Maybe even a list with sizes. And dare I ask....... the two brackets. I see the brackets on eBay for $129 for the set. No hardware, just two brackets. Ouch!! Thanks
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    Loss of Electric

    Hi there gang, First off, for whatever reason, I only drive my vette once in maybe 3 or 4 months. It sets parked for months. I drove it many months ago and as I was motoring down the road all electrical power went out. Engine stopped, dash went out, everything went dead. I pulled over and...
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    A question for C4C5

    Good Sunday Morning, I have a '96 with the electronic climate control. The system works great but there is no button lighting. The little green lights over the buttons works as does the temp screen. I took the head unit out, took it apart and checked the four bulbs and cleaned the contacts on...
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    Finally..... I got a picture in my signature

    I worked on it for a few hours and figured it out. I love to see what other people are driving and I hope you do also.
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    A/C Switch Lighting

    I have the automatic electronic climate control system. My question is do the buttons light up when you turn your lights on? There is a little green light over the button, but in the dark I can't see the buttons and which one is which. Thanks gang. Happy Holidays
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    Oil Pressure Question

    I'm new to the world of corvettes. I have had mine about 3 weeks now. It's a '96 convertible with AT. My question is, today while driving it I notice my oil pressure gauge stays about 1 line above the middle while doing 45 to 55 or so. When I slow down to 30 ish or come to a stop the pressure...
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    Opti-spark Dead... R.I.P.

    Well, I have been a vette owner for 1 week and 4 days. Today I took it to the shop because it get cutting out and became very hard to start. Opti-spark. The water pump was replace prior to me getting the car and I guess that lead to it's sudden death. Oh well.... What the heck. The car runs...
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    Cooling Fan Question

    Both of my cooling fans will not come on. If I jumper the relay they run like a champ. Is there a temp sensor for each fan or just one that kicks in the aux fan when the temp gets extra high and where the heck is it? I have a '96 with auto trans. Any Idea's? Thanks gang.
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