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  • Cant tell you how glad I was to find that you have the same year vette as myself... I have a white 90 coupe. Yeah baby!
    Rob, would like to suggest that you have some kind of warning on your posted videos that contain cursing or other child-inappropriate language. I usually have a grandkid in and out of my office, so when I opened up the video of the dude running his vette into the SR8, I was glad the kids weren't around to hear the numerous F-bombs being launched. A heads up would be appreciated.
    Hi Rob no excuses here but have been pretty sick with liver issues sound familiar I was a supporting member .Are the 25 dollar fee a yearly deal .hope to see you guys at carslile this year take care steve

    I found a really cool site to add to the Toolbox Caculators. You have to register and log on to use it but it's free. It's http://www.headerdesign.com . You can design headers and do other flow related calculations by entering in your engine data.

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