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    Question: Batteries For C5 (Not Z06)

    Does the hot weather there kill batteries quicker than up here in Northern Ohio (COLD winters)? I ask because I paid $$ for an AC Delco battery in 2011; it finally died spring of 2019. I trickle charged it every winter for about 5 months, then back on the road. Anyway, no particular reason...
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    2004 Sport Seats For Sale

    Seats are gray Sport seats, from my 2004 base Coupe. I replaced these with Corbeau aftermarket seats. My car had 36,000 miles when I took these out this past winter. Power motors, lumbar support motors all were in good working condition when I took them out. Both seats have power. Driver's seat...
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    Help! Vehicle Graphics Installer

    Having finally decided to keep my '04 Coupe, I'm looking to make some changes, including a set of stripes on the center of the car. Looking for an installer in the Cleveland/Akron Ohio area. Any suggestions?
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