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  • Sensei,
    I have a 1981 vette and was looking to do some top end upgrades but through reading some of the posts am very curious. How have you reached the HP with your vette. Just the performance chip won't do it and the cam and heads change I have been told won't give you much if the computer is controlling the Fuel/air etc and keeping you from acheiving added HP to the rear wheels. I want to keep the vette as stock as possible but would like to have a bit more response and HP. How have you accomplished this and Kept the computer?

    I am rehearsing for my church's Christmas musical this afternoon until about 3:00. Give me a call then and we'll see about getting together (755-6199) God bless
    Cris, got you message, thanks. Have you got time tomorrow afternoon to get together? I got the balancer on my car and the belts lined up, but it's always good to see another great 81! I'm in Foxmeadow off of Old Jennings, so not too far at all.
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