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    1985 Window Problem

    Upon removing the door panel, I discovered the plastic gear strip had broken. Replaced the strip and the window is working fine now.
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    1985 Window Problem

    The passenger side window on my 1985 will raise about only 1/3 of the way. I was able to grab the glass and slide it to the raised position, but when released it slides back to the 1/3 raised position. I am able to lower it with the switch but raise it about only 1/3 of the way. Any repair...
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    Thinking about Leaving the Vette World

    Turned 75 last month and still enjoy driving my '85 C-4 with 120k miles on it. I intentionally limit the extent of maintenance that I do [impaired vision in right eye], but just replaced the door panel on the passenger side. Always amazes me the number of people who stop to comment on the...
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    Question: C4 Alarm Problem

    On occasion, the alarm will sound on my '85 after pressing the locking button on the inside of the door and then closing the door. As the problem occurs rather infrequently and the alarm can be turned off by unlocking the door with my key from the outside, it's more of a nuisance than a major...
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    Help! Hood opening gas filled strut replacement

    I'm having a problem with replacing the hood opening gas struts on my '85 C4. The replacement struts were purchased on-line from a well know Corvette parts supplier. Each end of the first replacement strut fit over their respective studs individually, but I'm not able to slide both ends of the...
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    Cruise control performance question

    My C4 is a 1985 with automatic transmission and has 115,000 miles on it. With only a few minor exceptions, the vehicle is completely stock. When driving on a level surface with the cruise control engaged, the engine pulsates. While not enough to observe a variation in rpm on the tachometer...
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    Question: C4 Backup Lamp Lens

    Having more time due to retirement, I'm gradually restoring/replacing various components on my 85 Coupe. Does anyone know if the lens on the backup lamps can be cleaned? The original lens are dark and sooty looking as if exhaust has accumulated on the inside surface of the lens. Dennis R.
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    Locking Lug Nut Cap

    I'm in need of one black plastic cap for a locking lug nut on an '85 C-4. Thus far I've only been able to locate caps for the non-locking lug nuts.
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    New Member from Sheboygan, WI

    Hello - I'm a retired grandfather of five who purchased a 1985 C-4 coupe in 1992. It's gold in color thus the tagline...Sld_Gld. We are approaching 110k in miles having put roughly 70k on the car since we purchased it. The only other sporty type car that I owned was a 1960 Karmann-Ghia...
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    1985 New Tires

    It's time to replace the Goodyear GT+4 tires on my 1985 coupe. As it has been many years since I purchased the last tires, any recommendations would be much appreciated. I would like to soften the ride a bit and minimize noise on the highway. I'm using the original rims. Thanks for your help!
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