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C-6 Exhaust Upgrade


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Feb 17, 2015
2005 Silver Coupe
I'm looking for feedback regarding a potential exhaust upgrade on a 2005 base model C-6 that I purchased in May with 21,000 miles on it. How practical is it to replace the standard exhaust with a remote controlled two-tone system? It's my understanding the complete exhaust system may need to be replaced due to pipe diameter. Any feedback will be much appreciated.

Dennis R.
Here’s a link that might give ya some info…

Thanks for the info! I love the Proud to be an American!!
When I had a base C6, I went with a Corsa Sport system.....too. That's not an endorsement or recommendation...it's just a statement. I had a Corsa.

Why did I buy the Corsa? I was unaware of all of the options, and I didn't or hadn't taken the time to investigate. I went on "the forums" (not this forum) and asked for recommendations. The Corsa system was universally lauded and recommended (on that forum) to the point were the implication was that "you were an idiot if you buy anything else". The Corsa is IT!! So I bought it. I spent $1200 for two mufflers w/tail pipes and two bent pieces of pipe. Insane. The Corsa's came, I unboxed 'em and was a pretty disappointed with the quality. One muffler, a whole side was dented in, the welds were "fine", but not $1200 welds. The finish was matt -standard stainless finish. Finally, they were HEAVY. Heavier than the stock exhaust and much heavier than other options. I put 'em on and was underwhelmed with the sound. Upshot? They were "fine". Sounds was "OK", build was "fair", they were too heavy. Not worth $1200, no way, no how. I sold 'em and bought the GHL axle back which was lighter, better welds, NOT dented, polished finish, sounded better, and way, way lighter.

In the end, I wouldn't recommend any of them. If I were doing it today, I'd retro-fit in some valved OEM mufflers like the NPP linked above. They're cheaper, better quality, and they give you the "best" of both worlds.
Mine came with a Borla. Love the sound, no idea what the cost was.

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