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    Looking for my old C3

    Getting harder to do all the time with the privacy laws. This place may be able to do an owner history on your car to it's currant owner at least in Ohio. I don't know anything about them, just found them online. SEARCH
  2. Tom Bryant

    float bowl boiling over

    Sorry I've been away for a few days. It's hard to figure why one car will boil the fuel in the carb and another with the same setup won't. Since you know which way is closed have you observed if the valve is being forced closed when the engine revs? If the actuator and rod are not connected or...
  3. Tom Bryant

    float bowl boiling over

    The passage under the carb is not a coolant passage. It's an exhaust passage that heats the carb during warmup when the heat riser valve is closed to get the carb and choke warmed up quicker. Many aftermarket intake gasket sets will have a steel block-off plate that you can position over that...
  4. Tom Bryant

    Wanted 1982 Attachment buttons for for exterior T Top carrier:

    Looks like many sizes are available at Lowe's.
  5. Tom Bryant

    Wanted 1982 Attachment buttons for for exterior T Top carrier:

    I think you are looking for a Well Nut, GM part number 342271. They were used on all rear carriers for all of C3 production for either roof panels or T-tops. Here's the link to them on Amazon. They push through the hole and expand when tightening the mounting bolt. I hope that price isn't...
  6. Tom Bryant

    Wanted C1 1957 Corvette Bumper Brackets HELP!

    There aren't any. The outer pieces on the fender under the park lamp are bolt through the fiberglass only. Same for the rear around the exhaust outlet. The only brackets to the frame on the front are the ones that mount the bumperettes in front of the grill with the license bar. Tom
  7. Tom Bryant

    [AUCTION WATCH] Hammer Falls at $2.45 Million for Corvette Mike's L88 Corvette

    It did better than the last time he offered it at Mecum Indy 2 years ago. What a beauty.
  8. Tom Bryant

    Wanted Side pipes

    Factory style or header type. 1969 was the only year side pipes were offered from the factory on C3 bodies and they are available in reproduction., Not cheap but look right on any C3. They only list them for fitment up to 1974 due to the cat converter starting in 75. That's no biggy since that...
  9. Tom Bryant

    Question: New car to me. Did I pay too much?

    The only bumper brackets on the front of a '56/57 are the ones for the bumperettes in front of the grille. Zip and most others have these. The bumper pieces on the front of the fender just bolt through the body. No brackets to the frame. Just decorative with no crash protection. Same for the...
  10. Tom Bryant

    Thinking about Leaving the Vette World

    I have put on a few or more pounds over the last year. Been fighting it but I like food too much. I have a treadmill, elliptical. and various weights and gadgets downstairs in a dedicated exercise room with tv and I've been hitting it a minimum of 3 days a week for the last couple of months. I...
  11. Tom Bryant

    '59 Seat Track Rollers

    Glad it worked out. Tom
  12. Tom Bryant

    For Sale The "Outer Limits" 63 on Evil Bay

    I remember this car from Rod and Custom magazine and the show circuit of the mid 60's. As soon as the 1963 model hit the show rooms they were being customized. Rod and Custom did whole issues dedicated to custom Corvettes and especially the new 63. Full custom wild show cars of this type were...
  13. Tom Bryant

    '59 Seat Track Rollers

    Mine has a stack of flat washers between the track and the seat frame at both rear locations. It goes bolt head, lock washer, seat track, stack of 4 flat washers and frame. There doesn't appear to be any flat washers between the track and the frame on the front. I'd say that without that space...
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