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    MSD coil problems

    Last year I ordered an MSD coil, cap, rotor, and wires when I did my tune up. When I put everything back in I noticed my tach only worked up until around 3000 RPM's, then it would fall to zero and pick up when it dropped below that. Well I threw in my old ACDelco coil and the tach worked fine...
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    VO1 option

    What is the difference between the heavy duty radiator and the standard one?
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    power seat motor

    I was doing a little spring cleaning on the vette and wanted to vacuum behind and under the seats as much as I could. Well I have dual power seats and they both went forward, but the passenger side seat now wont go back. It is stuck all the way forward. It still will go up and down and rotate...
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    Tach problems.

    I had a problem with my 87 running really rough, so I replaced the the plugs, wires, cap coil etc with all MSD stuff, and ACdelco plugs. Well after the replacement I noticed my tach would only read up to 3 thousand RPM's then immediately drop down to 0, then read again then the RPM's came back...
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    The car will not run unless the throttle is constantly stabbed. I originally thought it was an ignition component,(plug wire possibly), however after a complete tune up no change. Craig has been burning me tunes and we looked to that next. We threw an old hypertech mem-cal in, and no change. I...
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    MSD distributor cap

    Anybody have this on there car? I ordered one and the setup looks different. The cap that I had put on the car previously had screws that actually screwed into the distributor. The MSD one they sent me has is called clamp down? and I have the screw down. I doubt there is any way to make this...
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    Fog Lights

    One of my fog lights in my Alero burned out and was going to replace both of them. I want to go something brighter then just the standard bulbs. Anybody have any recommendations?
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    test test
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    Pulling codes on OBDII

    Well this is a two part post. Today I go out and start my 1999 Olds Alero GLS 3.8 and have a terrible rough idle. I put it in reverse to back it up out of the driveway and it felt like it was anchored to the drive. Now what would cause this to happen? I did a tuneup when I bought it roughly...
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    Lifter noise...

    1999 Alero GLS 3.4, a little over 107,000 miles. I noticed tonight while waiting at Mcdonalds next to the building I could hear a ticking. I put it in neutral took it to about 1500 RPMs and it got louder. When I got home I checked the oil, and to my suprise it was full to the mark and...
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    How much HP are people running on stock L98's? A guy I know wants me to get a kit for the vette and run anywhere from 125-150HP. But I think thats a tad high. I was thinking more around the range of 100HP, is that doable? How much are the kits for the C4's, the bottle the TB plate...
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    Rear gears

    I know there's been a lot of threads regarding gear ratios, but couldnt find what I was looking for. I am planning on changing the gears and am most likely going with 3.73's, but what is the best gear to get? My car is still relatively stock internally, and that probably wont change for a...
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    Interesting link

    Buddy of mine that has an 88 or 89 Iroc-z (cant remember which) sent me this and boasted "oh thirdgen out handles vette". Well I read through it and I would still rather have the vette even though they declare the winner the thirdgen...
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    4WD problems

    1994 GMC Jimmy, It has almost 190k on the clock and has been very well maintained. Now the problem. Yesterday I had it in 4Hi and 4Low fine, went in and everything (it is the electronic push buttons for 4Hi, and 4Lo). Now today it doesn't seem to want to go in. Now what it does, and only...
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    Rim Question

    My buddy has these rims that he was told were Callaway rims. I do not think they are, but I have been wrong before and I told him I would post it. Are they Callaway rims or any C4 rim? http://www.streetdisturbance.invisionboard.com/uploads/1134089174/gallery_107_33_355864.jpg
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