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    Need parts list recommended for 77 corvette transmission change from auto to 4-speed

    I plan to convert my 77 (L48) from an automatic to 4-speed transmission. My mechanic is very capable in doing this, however I would like to prepare as best I can to make this project go successful before we schedule the time and effort. I realize that this is not one of those easy projects one...
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    Fan Belts - 77 Vette

    Hi Everyone, Time to relace belts and flush cooling system. Before I get started I would like to go out and buy supplies, thermostat, hoses, etc. Thought about the belts and discovered (and remembered) that I have what I believe is a water pump drive belt. This is a small belt that rides...
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    Adding A/C to my 77 Vette

    Hi There, It was a hot day in New England today...even hotter while driving in my Vette. I am the original proud owner of a black 77. Back when I ordered the car, I didn't feel that A/C was a necessary option to purchase. But after today's drive I am seriously thinking of adding A/C to my...
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