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02 Z06

Hib Halverson

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Jan 10, 2001
CenCoast CA
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Chevrolet dealers received their preliminary Z06 information in the last few days. Several of them have made it available to the public.

As I've predicted for six months or more, Z06 for MY02 will have an engine capable of 405hp and 400 lbs/ft. torque. The performance increases come via a new camshaft, valve springs, mass air-flow sensor, air filter assembly and calibration changes.

Z06 also gets thinner front glass (more weight saving, I suppose) as well as upgraded brake pads, lighter wheels and a special fender badging saying "405hp".

As predicted, the HUD is now standard equipment. The "gadgeting-up" of the Z06 continues with the memory package and electrochromatic mirrors added as options. White is no longer available on a Z06. More gizmos and no white? Sheesh...give us a break. What happened to the Corvette for hardcores?

As for the rest of the Corvette line-up, Electron Blue Metallic will be announced but my intel source does not specify if this is a Z06 color, a coupe/convertible color or available across the three models.

Navy Blue , Bowling Green and the mag wheels are gone.

Automatics get an aluminum ATF cooler (presumably this is in addition to or replaces but is better than the one in the radiator).

Convertibles get an entrapment release in case you get knocked unconscious and thrown in the trunk by an angry Viper owner.

No mention of any changes to suspension.

I guess I gotta order one of these cars!!!

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