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1/4mile runs



Hey, when doing a 1/4mile, are you all shifting into 4th? I mean those of you with OD. I have dual quads, full race cam, Pro Action Heads opened up, 700r4, and a newly added 4.11 gear =) Should I shift from 3rd to 4th, or stay in 3rd with the rpms? My cam is from like 3500-5500 or 6000 rpm i think...


I can only relate my experience from 2 runs so far. So far I've gone through the lights in 3rd both times....BUT, I can't shift into first gear because I didn't cut my console and haven't gotten around to putting the B&M shifter in. Once I do change the shifter, which will be soon as the next track date is the 28th of this month I'll have an in car video of the run.

My tranny shifts at 3500 from 1-2 but I shifted into 3rd at 5500-6000.


Yeah, mine does too, but there is NO way in hell I am going to let it get out of first that quickly, especially when the cam is just starting to kick in and the dual quads are screaming. When I shift at 5000, it usually ends up going at 5500, she is still pulling strong until the shift. I am just wondering what I am losing/gaining by shifting into 4th. I won't/don't have time to test it before I head back to college =( Today was the first day I got on it, and decided **** it, 1/4 mile run from a tollbooth today with gtech. Always intersting with that many lanes all trying to merge into 3... Oh... btw... if you want to cut your console, it is a walk in the park. You do NOT need to cut anything that you will see on the outside of console, it will just clear shifting into first. What you have to do is take the console out, and there is a metal braket. Take a dremel and open it up a little more to allow the shifter to go back further. Don't worry, it will still pop into gears, you will see that is actually the cable from the trans that does that. The guide plate is only notched out for Reverse and Drive. =)

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