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175 mph speedo



Just curious..... Who ever had this car before me put a speedometer that goes to 175 mph, it does say Corvette on it does anyone know where it may have come from?

Ed, I just spent some time searching the web for info on your question, but wasn't able to turn anything up about a 175 mph speedometer for the Corvette. Maybe the Sharks will know about that option (if it was an option). ;)
I don't know about a 175MPH, but I do know that a 145MPH speedo from a 78 or 79 will fit right in with no changes except for the lens for the Choke light...........It does seem to me that Mid America did, at one time offer another speedo for the 80 to 81.........I had one of these in my 1980..............Steve
175 mph speedo ?

My8T1 ~ maybe you could post a pik of that 175 speedo, as I've only known the 85, 140 and 165's.
Curious to see what it is.
My 1981 has a 165mph speedo. Looks like the real thing. I do not know who put it in or where it came from either.
175 MPH Speedo...

I have a 165 in mine...Ecklers still sells them, that is the highest I have ever seen.
Not an option but....

From everything I've read, when GM decided to go with the 85 mph speedo, there were no other options, even in Corvettes. 85 was standard in hopes to keep people from going so fast, and for insurance reasons or something. It's already been mentioned that Eckler's sells 165 mph speedos, and so does Mid-America. But I've never seen or heard of 175 in an 80 - 82. Maybe it was sold by a Vette parts place that is no longer in business?

T Jay
I saw a 160 mph speedo tonight on a '69, but he hadn't heard of a 175 speedo either.
175 mph Speedo

This past weekend I picked up a 79' Corvette with the 175 mph speedo you are talking about. I can't find any information on it at all, but here is what it look like.....:thumb


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If your going to have it judged and a judge never saw one you may loose points. They want it official. See if you can find it in black and white.
Just my 2 cents.

If you verify that it will indeed swing the needle to 175, do not brag about it on face race. Face-book. Bars time at big house..

Got a 175 MPH in my '82, put there by a PO. The X flags don't match the tach, but what the heck, it just looks cool, I'll take the points hit. :upthumbs Who wants an 80 MPH in a Vett??????
That photo from Drive-Shaft, in my opinion, is an aftermarket replacement speedo and not factory. It does not look anything like mine. Mine does not have that square box around "55" and it does not have orange "55" numbers. If you look at the crossflags and "Corvette" script on the speedo face, the script is not centered over the crossflags logo. It's a poor example of a reproduction product. Also, factory stock speedo's in 1979 only went to 140 mph. My car is original and I am the original owner.
Mine is different, faded orange to yellow the X flag is similar to the late 70's. The speed sensor is in the rear of the speedo and is used by the ECM. Definitely an aftermarket of some sort and is accurate with the GPS.

Seems to me that there was an aftermarket vendor in the 80s and 90s which sold a replacement 175-mph speedo for the later C3s. I can remember seeing them in the Ecklers and MidAmerica catalogs.
US Speedo Exotic gauges shows one which lists it for Porsche 175

You guys gotem. Someone made em.

Steet Beat cusoms page

and see
C Forum 7 13 85 Thread: 1980 speedometer & Shifting Questions

HAPPY NEW YEAR oh, next week.
I also have an aftermarket speedo 240 km/h (150mph) but only shows the km/h range (europe). If I remember correctly the company makes custom speedo's so you can have them the way you want it. Friend of mine ordered them, sorry don't know at which company.

Greetings Peter

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