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1963-67 1/18 Die-Cast


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Dec 22, 2001
1967 Convertible
It seems that there is ´63, ´66 and ´67 models available, but does anyone know is there manufacturer for ´64 and ´65 1/18 Die-cast Corvettes?
I've never seen any, but Tom and myself have discussed this before. we were talkng about what it would take to make the '58 (available in varying scales) appear to be a '59 by smoothing the louvers on the hood and removing the trunk spears. I don't see why that same thing can't be done say with a '63 to make it appear to be a '64. The gill issue on the later years would pose a problem though. ;)

If I see any scale models, I'll be sure to pass it on here.

_ken :w

modifying might be the answer. If you mix Hot wheels ´66 pro-street ´65 and ERTL ´67 it would look something like 1965 model? It is true that 1964 Model is quite easy to do from 1963 model.
Maisto 1965 Vette

I found from Maisto pages http://www.maisto.com/ nice new Vette model. # 31640 1:18 Chevrolet® Corvette® (1965)
at last new Mid Year model and it is blue.

Thanks for the tip/referral re the MAISTO '65 ...
I'd been looking for this...just ordered the new
convertible model (not yet in stock)...

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