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1966 numbers



I am currently looking to puchase a nice mid year but need help with a few things.

First, was telescopic wheel an option in 64?

Second, can anyone tell me info on numbers from a 66 coupe ser # 194375S122131 cast # 3855962 and #T1023IE

Thanks for any info you can come up with.
Welcome Phlathead49

There must be a Phord in your garage someplace with a name like that. Let's see if I can answer your questions.

1) Option N36, telescopic steering column was first available in 1965.

2) The engine is a 1965 396/425 hp out of an Impala or Impala SS with a 4speed. the Corvette 396/425 was IF.

3) Car was built in the 2nd week of May '66.

Interesting collection of parts. Is this a car you are looking at? That's a pretty hard to come by engine even though it isn't original. Was the car an original big block?

Let me know if I can help further. Sounds like an interesting car.


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