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1969 corvette ampmeter problem



Help! I have a capacitor that has fallen off I believe the back of my amp meter gauge as I was re-installing it. Does anyone have an idea how this hooks up and what it is used for?

I am at a total loss on this one. I thought the capacitor was on the voltage regulator for 68 and above.

Any help would certainly be appreciated.



I don't believe it was a capactior, I think it was the shunt resistor. Somebody will have to help you on this,however IF memory serves correctly it went ACROSS the two studs for the meter.Does it look like a coil of wire?


I have my gauges all out of the car (and they are not going back in). Here is a quick pic of the stock panel. I put a piece of blue tape to indicate which one is the Amp Meter. Don't see anything attached to it. I looked at the stock wire harness, and nothing there either other than the two wires that plug into it. If you look to the right of the Amp Meter in this photo there is a capacitor mounted to the rear panel. Is that what you lost?
Wild guess here

This is PROBABLY for Alt noise supression.

This would go from ground ( bolted to instrument cluster)

To a hot line ( betting radio power feed )

or anything else that makes snaps.

OHHHHHHHH like the points in the factory clock!!!!!

The clock winds itself up by 2 contacts which provide power to a coil.
the coil snaps back & tightens the clock spring.
when the spring winds down... the contacts ( not unlike points in a distributor ) close again, and the clock gets wound again.

The cap is like the cap in points..it reduces arc.Same deal for the voltage reg.

Measure the cap to make sure it's not shorted internally.. or you'll have a new mess on your hands

Ah the power of Coffee.


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