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Can any one categorically tell me the month the 1969 model year finished production.Ive read various dates from dec 1969 to early feb 1970.
Production of the 1970 model began in Jan. of 1970. There would have to be some time allowed to change tooling and train people on those changes.
Hey guys, this leads me to another question. When did the plant strikes affect GM production lines? I think the strikes were the reason why the LS-6 did not make it's way into the Corvette in '70, but did make it into the Chevelle. --Bullitt
Final serial number was 738762. There were no units built in May. I'm not sure of the exact dates when the strike started in Apil or ended in June.

I don't see how this could have effected LS6 production for the 70 model year. The engine was available. All they had to do was send them to St. Louis to be installed. The number of Chevelle SS cars shows this. I even had a '70 SS 454 LS6 El Camino. It had to be a Corporate decision based on insurance company pressures ect.


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