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1969 Performance Parts, Please Help



I'm a student from Piedmont Hills High in San Jose. We are doing a class project on engine performance. I want to do a project on the 1969 Corvette. I want to improve the engine performance for this car. Although it has a tremendous amount of power already, I would like to further improve the car. I have very little knowledge of the car. Can you please list a list of performance parts including the power increase, and cost please. I would really appreciate it. If you are too busy, can you please suggest a person/organiztion who may help me? Any parts, such as cam shafts, pulleys, carbs, or even nos, that may improve the performance of the 1969 Corvette. Thank you so much for spending this time to read my request. Any sites are helpful as well.
Mr. Sparkle,

Please give me some more details about your project. Do you actually have a 69 project car to work with, or is the all hypothetical? In either event, give us some idea what we are starting out with. In other words, is this a base model small block car, big block, auto/manual trans, etc.

Almost everybody here as done at least on thing to up performance or improve dependability. We should all be able to give you some great ideas.

Finally, how are you going to test your theories? Desk top dyno, 1/4 mile times, etc.
I got Your Performance Parts, Right Here!

Welcome mr5parkle to the CACC. It's nice to see that a young person such as yourself found this wonderful forum. Now you just asked a bunch of gearheads a question that will allow us to rattle on and on. I'll supply some part names and try the best on the prices. We'll keep this list "streetable" unless you want us to go radical. Here goes:
  • Intake manifold- What is called a dual plane will be the best for the street. Price is around $200 with gaskets and such. HP increase = 20.
  • Exhaust Headers- We'll stick with a undercar system, so the headers should be around $300-$400. HP increase = 25.
  • Camshaft from any good company, (Edelbrock, Comp Cams, Lunati) should run about $100- $150 depending on RPM range. HP increase = 40 thru 60.
  • Aluminum Roller Rockers- Middle of the road selection would cost around $160-$200. HP increase = 5hp thru 15hp
  • Nitrous - One of the most respected names is NOS. For $400 you can get a 125hp increase! For $430 get a 150 hp increase. You can go higher, but then we got to beef up the bottom end.
Others will chime in, so this is just a push in the right direction. Some of my hp increase may be a bit conservative or excessive, but eventually, we'll all agree on a bottom line. Thanks for letting us ramble. As if I needed an excuse. :D --Bullitt

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