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1974 355 engine swap finished couple of questions


May 28, 2014
Knoxville TN
1989 Corvette BUILT l-98 1974 Stingray L-82
Holley 670 street avenger DP
Edelbrock Torker original intake
Stock heads ported to no clue he just claimed they are
comp 1.52 retro roller rockers
Comp Magnum 5/16 pushrods
thumpr cam comp 12-600-8
Jegs quite gear drive
crane valve springs
Eagle Flat top Pro Hypereutecic Pistons
Hasting Rings Cleavite Bearings
Initial Timing is 14 all in at 3500 at 36 with stock 1974 dizzy and vac advance
MY STALL IS STOCK and it sucks but thats next winter
Vac with this cam at idle {1000rpms} 8-9 grams
It is th400 automatic stock rear end

Ok my winter project was to take the tired l-82 out of my corvette I had a guy local with a engine built and sitting around so I purchased it specs are above it runs good sounds mean as crap with open headers. Couple of questions are

1. until this thing warms up it kinda wants to die in drive it doesnt die but it feels like it wants to choppy around 600-650krpms in drive is this normal with stock converter?
2. Does that timing {14 idle 36 all in} look ok for the build or should I run more I know trial and error but I dont want to blow the dang thing up its my first go at installing a engine?
3. Odds are yes but am I going to need a electric vacuum pump to run the power brakes, tranmission kick down is vac, Vacuum advance on the dizzy, Oh and headlights and pcv valve and any suggestions on what brand of pump to buy and perhaps a picture of where you put yours

YES I know thumpr cam isnt what I would have put in it either but its there and degreed ect car runs good great power but under 1400rpms it is less than thrilling oh did I mention the idle is shakkkyy any information/help would be appreciated thanks Travis

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