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1974 Distributor - tach failure


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Feb 20, 2002
Eksjo, Sweden
1974 red coupe, 1969 yellow vert
I want to replace my tach gear coupling, since the tachometer is not working. The cable is functional, so I suspect that just the gear coupling is damaged.
Have anyone experience of this? Can the replacement be done without removing the distributor?
Pull It

Your cross gear (the small one inside the coupling) is probably toast. You can easily pull it out after removing the threaded brass/bronze coupling from the dist housing. However, the gear on the dist mainshaft may also be damaged (often the case). Due to grease & gunk in the housing and poor viewing angle, it is near impossible to properly inspect the mainshaft gear without pulling the distributor. I suggest you pull the distributor from motor, clean it well and closely inspect on benchtop.
Test this first

Before you remove distributor for inspection/repair ... do this first: Remove tach cable from distributor. Then gently chuck the end of tach cable in a reversible drill motor. Spin the drill COUNTER-clockwise and have a friend look (it's a rather long stretch for me when solo) and see if your tach is working. This test will help determine if you have a problem with tach cable / tachometer.

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