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1976 Stingray 1/4 Mile Times



Hey, is it just me, maybe I have a real dog here, but everything I find, such as Road & Track, Car and Driver, etc.. even books from Chevy, show the 1976 Corvette L-48 automatic, running 15.4 in the 1/4 mile. I don't believe it. I haven't taken it after I put my dual quads on, and my beefed up cam, but I was running 19seconds... What is everyone else running with theirs? Anyone out there run it stock, and then with dual quads?

they posted those numbers while launching the 76 off a cliff. The 76 l48 is a major dog, so it is not just you. I have removed that p.o.s engine and put it in the corner (makes a good book end for my firewood stack). That was the 1st thing the gang down here said when they drove it, is it supposed to be that weak?

Sadly I replied yes, 180 hp, unfortunetly. The sad thing is my dodge dakota 4cycl has more hp! It was indeed time for a engine transplant! Now it has a nice beefy tci streetfighter 350 trans w/2200 stall converter & a 350hp/355 engine.
What made you go with the dual quads vs. many other alternatives out there?

Have you done anything to the heads, compression, etc?

What consideration did you give for the cam, intake, vs. the gear ratio?

I think that a high 12 second or low 13 second range is perfect for a full on street car with out power adders. It can be done, and I have done it. The sad part is, a stock Z06, or even 96 Grand Sport will put up those kind of numbers. Not really that it is sad, but it makes it much harder to compete with when you are starting with a 19 second car.

In my experience, getting a car any faster than the 12's causes it to loose mild street use (without N.O.S. etc).

I hope to drop my 69 in the extreme low 12's or high 11's with no power adders, rather raw cubic inches and well balanced equipment.

I am interested in knowing the answer to the questions I asked above. It does sound like you are having a blast. That is what it is all about.

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