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1977 Body



Im in the process of restoring a 1977 vette, she's in good shape but i want to take off the body and do some chassis cleaning/work. How can I do this? I know there are 6 points but where are they. Im new to the corvette so go easy on me.

Also what is the best shop and repair manual to get?
I am also a rookie although in a much colder climate than you. I can only recommend to look for all posts from 69MyWay. He has done some incredible work on various cars and has been kind enough to post photos along the way. You will likely find answers to all your questions as well as I may well have asked them.

Best book I have bought so far is Chevrolet Corvette Restoration Guide by Lindsay Porter. There are others I am sure but I am very remote and have a hard time getting things.

The GM shop manual

AND the assy instruction manual
Mid America

600-001 $21.99

Shop manual
600-089 $109.99

BAda Bing!
Welcome to CAC, and thanks RJ for the compliment. Really though, I do just what Mike has suggested and read up on most of what I do before jumping into it.

Pulling the body will surprise you how simple it really is. The problem is that you have to really think it through ahead of time, be prepared to deal with issues as to how to support it once it is off the frame, how many people can you gather to help, etc. Even on a 77 you will find some stubborn rusty bolts, so you have to be ready to deal with that as well.

Get yourself a good working plan from start to finish. Run over it several times outloud, and or post up here and we will help you tweak it.

You are on the right track though. There are two bolts through the front radiator core support and then several brackets off of that. Two in front of the firewall, two in the A pillars, two in the b pillars, and two behind the rear wheels (one on each side = two total per location).

There are tons of tiny things to consider like the stearing rag joint, wire harness, clips and looms, trim panels that have to be removed, etc.

The only piece of advise I can really give you is to take photos and notes of everything. None of the written manuals I have seen are detailed exactly for every year model. Therefore you may have a clip or wire that once you yank it, there is virtually no pre-printed text to help you figure out where it came from.

Good luck.

I would also be interested in hearing about how strong the car hobby is in your area of the world.

With type of information it will be easier than I Thought. Thanks a million. The car hobby here centers mostly around Japanese imports and drag racing. All of our cars here come from Japan directly. In fact we have no American car dealers here at all. If you want American you have to get it yourself. There are only a hand full of vettes on the island, 1 other 77, she's in bad condition off the road and 2 199X models. My dad purchased the one we are going to start work on now. He has always loved American Muscle Cars, and it rubbed off on me. There is nothing sweeter than the sound and an American V8, ESPECIALLY a Chevy V8, under crank. The 77 he just purchased came from a guy who had it restoring for a good while , he got it completed and to the painting stage, but sadly he took ill and had to put her down. So she has been sitting there since 95 or so uncovered and on blocks. The Body is in good condition though, thanks to fiberglass, and the engine is the L82 modified with Edelbrock intake, headers, Borla Turbo Exhaust, Holley 4 Barrel, electronic ignition and other nice touches like stainless steel brake lines and stainless sleaved brakes, new calipers and pads never used. The tranny is the Turbo Hydro-matic 3 speed.
With some more quality tips from all of you, some time, $$$$ and hard work she will be back on the road where she belongs.

Im sure you will be hearing from me often enough so I will keep you informed of our progress. Thanks again for the info and tips they will come in most handy.


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