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1979 rear brakes how to do.



I'm in the process of restroing my 79 vette and I'm in the need for some technical data on the rear brakes.
My rotors still have the rivets on them, my question is. Can I remove the rotors without drilling the rivets?. If not what about the runout after I reinstall them.
If anybody has a step by step document on how to do this I would really appreciate how to get it.


Rear brake rotor removal is well described in two manuals that I have. One is the Haynes Automotive Repair Manual 1968-1982 Corvette. The other is the Chevrolet Corvette Shop manual 1968-82. I just bought the shop manual online, from from Barnes & Noble for $19.95. The rivets must be drilled out to remove the rotor unless you intend to remove the entire spindle assembly. The wheel nuts will hold the rotor in correct alignment upon re-assembly. Just make certain that when you position the rotor against the spindle flange that the hole to adjust the parking brake is aligned so you can reach the star wheel through the holes with a screw driver.
Mark them....

Using a punch mark, the rotors to the hubs.
Remove caliper.
Drill rivets.
Clean back flange, clean inside of rotor.
Put it back, on use a few lug nuts to hold it on.
Measure run out.
Measure thickness,
Service as needed

While your down there also replace the E brake stuff with NEW ss hardware.

Thanks, this will help me a lot.
I check the thickness of the rotors and there still at 1.250"
so i won't have to replace them just have them turned.

Till next time


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