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1981 - Power Steering Work



Hi all,

going to replace the PS hoses this weekend ,...

Any tips?

Seems straight forward...
Can i just take the old off,put the new on??

Always waving,
Hey Kevin,

Looks straight forward to me. Same setup as on other GM's around that year. I've done a couple, but not my vette. Haynes repair manual describes a procedure to bleed the system. Not complicated at all.



I did this a month ago, for the second time. The reason I had to do this twice was that I didn't replace the assist and control valve with the hoses. A year later I had big leaks coming from the control valve, then I HAD to replace everything.

The hoses are pretty easy to change. First step is jack up the Vette and get it level on 4 stands. Take off the front wheel then using a line wrench (please use a line wrench, it will be SO much easier and will require a minimum of swearing) take off the old hoses.

I would recommend taking off the control valve and assist and putting the new hoses on before you put everything back together, it's easier and you won't end up stripping any threads on the assist arm. While everything is out you may want to run some fluid through the pump to flush it out.

The most important step is to make sure you put the hoses on in the correct way, otherwise when you get it together and start it up your steering wheel may turn into a propeller.

For bleeding, leave the car in the air, add fluid...put the cap on and start it up. Then turn the steering wheel back and forth about 10-15 times. Make sure you turn it each way until it stops. If the wheel feels jerky after bleeding you might need toadjust the control valve. I'll write that if you need it.

Let me know if you need better directions, I can even go out to the garage and get digital pics if you need.
Thanks Scott and Dale...

Scott , Ill let you know if something doesnt make sense.

Always waving,

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