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Wanted 1982 Attachment buttons for for exterior T Top carrier:

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Gamaliel Perales

New member
Mar 4, 2021
Las cruces, New México
1982 Silver blue with blue interior
The external T Top carrier on my 1982 attaches to these buttons with a screw. There are four of them behind the rear glass and two of them have broken off. I don't know how rare the option was in 1982 but I have looked online and in catalogues and they don't have anything like them included. I have checked with Ecklers and Mid America with no luck. If anyone has information on these, please let me know, Thank You
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I think you are looking for a Well Nut, GM part number 342271. They were used on all rear carriers for all of C3 production for either roof panels or T-tops. Here's the link to them on Amazon. They push through the hole and expand when tightening the mounting bolt. I hope that price isn't each. It seems like they were less than a dollar back in the 80s. I searched GM Parts Direct and they no longer show them. You may be at the mercy of buying old stock that is no longer available from GM but I'd search other sources like Fastenal or even hardware stores for a similar item.

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Looks like many sizes are available at Lowe's.

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