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1982 ECM Conversion


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Dec 27, 2001
janesville wi usa
1982 bright blue coupe
Have any of you converted your ECM to the 7747 model,if so could you post a drawing of the wiring? I've figured out all ( I hope )but 4 wires.Thanks.

are you installing a later model ecm in yours I saw a article about this in a vette magazine that says it helps the motor out alot let me know what the results are
Can anyone direct me to info on the 7747 ECM? I have to replace mine and would like to look into this one.
Try this:


It's a secure connection and you'll have to click the security info popup and it's slower but I think it should work!

What error do you get?

This is very strange, everyone should be able to surf through a secure connection. Do online shopping sites (like summitracing.com) work on your system???

It just comes up and says that it can't find server or DNS error. I went through all of the secure connection stuff, started downloading and then the shell error page came up
All other pages I can view
Weird...very weird.

Contact Ken Kelly @ ken73@ken73.homeip.net he can help you w/ the ECM stuff. (and w/ the accessibility probs too!)

Thanks Marck :cool
Actually I was trying to get on the site from work and couldn't. I just tried it at home and no problem. Must be something with the firewall at work
The Ecm is in but I will need to do some fine tuning with the prom,it's a little sluggish when I tromp it.The wiring was easy enough but I still have some extra wires and will have to do some more research on which ones go where,if I had made a pigtail in stead of hard wiring the dratted thing I wouldn't of known the difference,but I didn't trust the old connections.The ones I'm concerned about are the canister purge and the air switch,the others are for the Ecell, a ground and the hood sol.The hood sol.I figure I can use a 160 degree temp.switch off the intake or heads.Will post more when know more.

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