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1982 seat controller



i have a problem,,,, i usd my car today and pulled up the seat no problem(little lever on the leftside of it). Then when hubby went to put seat back, the lever doesnt work. Now how ould i fix this problem>> iT S A sWITCH IN THE CONTOLLER, OR WHAT?? tHANKS bLUESLADY

I went out to the garage and ran the seat back and forth on my 82. :) I didn't seem able to replicate your problem. I'll ask my husband when he gets home if he has any ideas. Have you had any problems with the seat before today?? :w
Power or manual seat?
Power seat... NOT!


I assume that you have a power seat.... what year is your vette? Check the simple things first-

1.) Unplug the junction block under the front of the seat. Inspect it for corrosion and shoot some contact spray on the connections. Reconnect the junction block and try the seat.

2.) Check the fuse panel to be sure a fuse is not blown. If you have a blown fuse there is a short somewhere, probably from the back and forth movement of the seat.

3.) It could be the switch itself, they do fail after a while.

I hope it's something simple. If not, you need to go to an auto electric specialist.

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