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1982 Vette staggered wheelbase? HELP!!



Hi, i hope someone out there can help with this, i just picked up a 82 vette, its nothing special its driver quality and it was CHEAP,,,,anyway, the pass wheel is not centered in the wheelwell, it is toward the back of the wheelwell, the driver side wheel is centered and looks normal, but the pass side is def further back in the wheelwell, both tires are the same size 235/70/15, i dont see any visable frame deformitys and the car drives straight as a arrow, no problems,i had a 80 last summer and i thought i remembered a similar scenario, but i cant remember, the car has def had some body work done so im not sure if it may just be a case of someone putting on a fender way out of place??? any help would be appreciated, you can email me at kamarossrs@aol.com
kamarossrs Welcome to the Corvette Action Center Community

If the alignment has been checked and is OK, then my bet is the frame is ok, and as you suspect someone has put a front fender or front clip on the car.

If you have a GM Shop maunal or an assembly manual you can get measurements to to check for the correct lengths, hieghts. You also should be able to see or feel the patch job.. If the fender is that noticable, I would say you should see the glass work fairly easy.. (Someone that doesn't take the time to do it right will leave evidence) You may even find a couple of lollipop sticks stuck somewhere.. :)

Good Luck


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