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1984 Headlight relay location???



Please, please, please help. I am trying to locate my headlight relays in my 84 vette to troubleshoot a one eye problem. Cannot locate the relays. Can anybody help me?

I really like the looks of this board! Very glad I found it!
I have an 86 service manual... It shows no headlight relays. What is the problem???
Relays & U

Drivers side, under hood, foward of front wheel, bolted to inner fender, under black plastic rectangular cover.

Three relays, 2 for left & right headlamp motors 1) for isolation from headlight switch.

So what's the problem?

About 3 weeks ago, my right headlight began having trouble opening. I thought it was the gears, and have since ordered new gears and replaced them, but that doesn't look like it was the problem. Now, my right headlight is stuck in the open position. I have since found the relays (thanks!), but the age and grime on the wiring make it nearly impossible to disconnect from the wiring harness without possibly destroying the harness. I think I will try to clean up the motor itself before I go any further.

Thanks a lot!

I would just replace the relays ( 1st ) they are the #1 reason for failure... just be careful when removing...

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