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1986 Auto Transmission Questions


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Feb 1, 2019
Problem: car at cold start-up, very late shifts, almost 3000 rpm before will upshift. It gets better after fully warmed up but still shifts way too late. Additional info: it will not shift into overdrive gear (nor TCC) until running in excess of 70 mph with accelerator in fully off position (coasting). Only then it will shift into overdrive and I may then cruise with normal part throttle. Shop Manual shows a picture of a "90 degree Throttle Valve Lifter Rod" that is wrapped around by a light spring. This car does not have this specific rod. The FSM suggests one may pull down this lifter rod to make sure it snaps up into position knocking the check ball off its seat. However, my lever assembly has a more substantial stamped-in lifter rod that should keep the check ball off its seat. Was there an upgrade put into later production than what is shown in my 1986 Factory Shop Manual? I am the original owner of car. This is an early model '86. Now with 130k miles.
I have the tranny pan off. The TV cable is not in any bind, TV plunger is smooth in bore but I'll note the TV plunger does NOT meet the TV lever on the TV bracket assembly at idle position. Should it? There is a 1/4" free play before the lever just begins to contact the plunger so the TV plunger is free to move back and forth. That seems incorrect and need advice on this point specifically.
Picture of a newer TV Lever and Bracket assembly would be helpful showing the lifter rod.
Idea: remove this TV Exhaust check valve. FSM states it is only there should the TV cable break if I understood the manual correctly. It stated the check ball should be pushed off its seat at idle and, of course, at any throttle opening.
I have followed the FSM adjusting procedure but that only seems to ensure the TV valve is correct at WOT. It is the idle setting that I would like to verify.

The 86 is the "early" 700, and I'm not familiar with it. The TV stuff may be different than what I'm used to working with, but I don't know for sure.

TV is ALWAS adjust at full throttle.

Sorry. I'm bortingthis ost. The ey-logger icked in and is trning everything to gibberish Ithapens wnte fiurt word iscaughand corrected by spel-checke.

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