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1986 L98 coupe



looking at one at dealership 14,500 21,000 miles 4 speed auto. trans excellent condition does anyone know if there are any chronic problems? Never owned a corvette
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That will be a good education for you....
Mainly wheel bearings, Digital dashes, Drive line U joints...nothing NORMAL maint wont take care of...just have the car inspected head to tail first.

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I hope you find this community to your liking. As to it being your first Corvette, this place will help you tremendously when the questions start forming once you make the purchase. :upthumbs

First things first though. ;)

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I hope your purchase of your first Corvette is going to be a pleasant one, but always keep in mind that it is just another "previously-owned" vehicle (read: "used car"), so shop carefully. ;)
thanks for info guys,body and interior are like new,bronze over tan paint,two tops many xtras.car performed well on test drive,suspension seemed a little ruff and salesman did not know much about operation[car kept shifting into od around town is this normal?]or is [d] fourth gear for highway use only.? this is a one owner car that has sat in a garage for a very long time, [evidence of mice having fun under the hood.] I really like this car just wondering what effect the long sit could have. Money pit?
Welcome aboard Showtime. :w

86 is a great choice. Mike and Ken have put you on the right path. There are numerous past posts that really debate the pros and cons. As far as the o/d , you can shift down to 3rd if you have to deal with hilly roads with traffic or just plain low speed conditions 35 to 40 mph. When I lived in CT I had to do that often as I would wind up behind some SLOW vehicle:r and lived in a hilly area. Normal driving was not a problem otherwise. The car begs to be driven. I can say the 85 I own has been one dependable quick car through the years with only normal mait. My only problem is I can't leave well enough alone. Always looking for a little more speed.:_rock
Good hunting. I will say you can probably make an offer of 12k if you have the cash available. price seems high.
Seems kinda high to me too

For that kinda money you can get an early 90s vette with under 50k on it. Expecially with the mice trax. I bought my 84 online (from www.corvettetrader.com) for 6k with 69k miles on it. No mice trax and every service record for the past 17 years. To say this car was well cared for is an understatement. The early C4s ride kinda rough but handle like a gokart (expecially mine). Mine wanted to shift into OD over 35mph and around town that wasn't what I wanted. I put a hot chip in it (which changed my shift points) but I still have to shift into 3rd around town sometimes. I think you can get a better deal, but if this car is calling to you I understand. It is only money right? (a renewable resource) good luck and welcome to the CAC!

Drew :w

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