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1987 Coupe Parts for Sale (New/Used/Mods)



Date: 7/05/09:
I've sold my rebuild 87 last month and have quite alot of NEW, USED in (Excellent Condition), Engine parts for Sale. Since the listing is quite long i'm unable to post pictures for all the items, but will gladly supply pictures for any items upon request. Price does not include shipping.

Email: vdaddio@cableone.net

NEW - Never Used: Sell ea.Sale$
(1) Set Lower Ball Joints 40.00
(1) Ctr Cover Door 12.00
(1) L98 Console Plate Info 7.00
(1) Wiper Controll Switch 25.00
(2) Rear SS Brake Lines " 10.00 for both
(1) In Dash Shift Control
(auto-trans) 12.00
(2) Seat bolt covers 8.00
(1) Temp Fan Sensor 15.00
(1) MAP Sensor 15.00
(1) MR44 Relay 4.00
(1) Turn Signal Controller 25.00
(1) Set Door Panel Arms 50.00 for (DS/PS Door panel arms)
(1) AC compressor cover (Chrome) 20.00
(2) Goodyear/Nascar 9.00
Upper/Lower Radiator Hoses
(1) MAT Sensor Relocator 20.00
(1) Gas Line Filter 15.00
(1) Napa AcDelco ECM 7165 Reman 50.00
(1) Mod Proportioning Spring 15.00
(1) Set (RR (4)) Strut Rod Poly Bush 15.00
(1) Set (4) Lwr Control Arm Poly Bush 15.00
(1) Leather Shift Knob & Button-Auto 25.00
(1) Horn Cap 25.00
(1) Set (DS/PS) Door Panel Upper Trim 80.00
(Still in shipping Box)
(1) Set Coupe Door Inserts 65.00
(Still in shipping package):
(1) L98/350 SB Chrome Oil PanSB 350 40.00
(1) Door Speaker Brill w/Bose 5.00

USED - Excellent Condition:
(1) Horn Button Emblem 10.00
(1) Set DS/PS Door Lights 15.00set 15.00
(1) Set Wood Grain Covers 30.00set 30.00
(not the thin laminate kind)
(Door inserts & Bumper
Pad Replacement)
(1) Corvette Brake Pad 4.00
(2) Floor/Seat Bolt Covers 5.00
(1) l98 Air Pump (polished) 149.00
(2) Air pump brakets (polished) 50.00ea
(1) Air pump/Alt Braket (polished) 30.00
(1) Stock Alt Support Braket 2.50 With Alt Bracket
(1) L98 stock manifold (499.00 New) 100.00
(High Gloss Black finish)
(1) C4 Steering wheel 297.00 (origional wheel) 150.00
(no cracks or damage,
sligh worm at top)
(3) Corvette Support Books 5.00 ea - 15.00 set 15.00
(1) Set Coupe Door Insets Used Set 25.00
(1) Console Plate w/emblem (cvr for mirror controls 10.00

Modified Engine Parts:
(1) L98/350 TB modified (water channel removed): Part Polished 75.00
(1) Complete TPI Setup (Manifold, Plenum, Runners, Injector Rails, Cold start Injector: $250.00

Please email with any questions or pictures. Thanks for taking a look
vinnie (vinnies87)
Do you have a picture of door panel arms and will they fit on 1984 coupe
do you have picture of woodgrain covers
Yes he seems like a nice guy he gave me his number and everything. That is to get rid of his TPI system.
Was told everything was sold through a post on another Vette Forum or eBay.
shootemup56 what r you looking for i got a bunch of stuff laying around here

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