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1991 L98 won't start...HELP!



My 91 has a progessively worse starting problem. I don't know if it is related to the passkey system, starter, or otherwise. Yesterday, I changed out my power antenna (with battery disconnected). This morning while driving into work, I notice there was alot of hesitation when accelerating under heavy load in 5th and 6th gears. This afternoon I tried to start it without any luck. I tried everything under the sun. Locking the vehicle, waiting 10 minutes, disconnecting, then reconnecting the battery and then waiting, etc. but still no luck. I checked all of the fuses and they all appear to be ok. I have had the car for less than a month, so I am still not intimate with any quirks associated with C4 Corvettes. HELP! Does anyone have any ideas where I can begin? Is there a GOOD code reader out there that can give me some feed back on the ECM? Is this common to C4 Vettes? Thanks in advance
Could use some more specifics. Is the car turning over? Getting spark? More details please;)
The security light stays on. I hear the fuel pump energize but the car does not turn over (no starter relay). The instrument panel lights-up, but there is no sign of life. Is there a way to tell which of the 15 keys that I have?
I am not familiar with the Passkey set up (I guess that's a good thing) but it does seem from what I've heard that it could be the problem. Others will chime in.
Best of luck.
Maybe look in the owners manual for the proceedure to reset the security system. Reset it and see if it will start. Mine won't start if it's been activated without resetting, it's an 84. I don't know the proceedure for the later models. Good luck
Sorry I almost forgot, easy at my age, if the ignition key has that little pellet in it like my 91 ZR-1 does I hear they can get dirty or damaged and won't open up the primary ignition circuit because it can't get a read on it. Try cleaning it, if that doesn't work it may be damaged. A good locksmith shop can replace them if they have the capabilities to read the code on the pellet. Good luck
what seecurity system do you have ? i have had the same problem with my security system. your suppost to be able to put the key in the ignition turn the switch(not start)on and there is a button under the steering wheel you push , it is suppose to reset the system, it doesn't always work , so i have velcroed the brain box, i get to the brain box disconnect the two outer end wires(one at each end of box) and reconnect the two wires together and this bypasses the securty system and resets the system, start the car before you put the wires back on the brain box,, good luck
The car finally started today without a hitch. I tried to recreate the scenario, but no luck. I tested the resistance on both keys and they appeared to be with spec (one was 1867 ohms the other 1875 ohms). I am now locking the car manually without engaging the alarm system. I will see if this makes a difference. I found a post at http://www.ontool.com/library/document/373-1366/feb1_sbullet.htm
that explains testing procedures for VAT which, from what I understand, is very similar to the Passkey system. It also has the associated resistance values for the keys. Also ordered a code reader (I believe from auto xray) to see what codes are being posted on the computer
What I did on my dad's F150 (Had a chip in the key) was to simply buy a module from our local Jober shop and install it so that the (VATS) In your case is fooled permanently.

We did this because of the Command Start we put in. Also it will allow you to use a After Market alarm which will control your door locks as well without problems.

On my 85' I don't have the key part of the alarm BUT I do have a factory alarm installed WITH an Ungo Aftermarket alarm. IF I lock the doors by pushing the door button and leave and then turn on my UNGO alarm with the remote when I come back and use the remote again it won't shut off the factory alarm but will open the door. Hehe Cute when the horn SCREAMS at you in the parking lot.

So what I do is NEVER use the door button lock and just control them through my remote for the alarm with works wonders.

BTW off topic is anyones looking at Aftermarket alarms I highly reccomend the Clarion Ungo alarms just don't get the motion sensor (I got it) its VERY sensitive so matter what setting you use and in the summer here when you trap a fly in the car you wonder WHATS WRONG WITH THIS ALARM LOL Ive just diconnected mine till the install shop wants to deal with it (No hurry all other systems are GREAT) Including the Pager I installed

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