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1991 Specs


Sal Collaziano

Hi all. I might be buying a 1991 Vette and was wondering if anyone could provide me with some stats. I checked out netvettes.com and saw that the 92 was getting into the 13s. So, I suppose the 91 isn't, How far off is it? I appreciate any input...

Sal, in 92 they went to the Lt1 engine 50 more horsepower then the 91. Big difference in performance. Chuck
Thanks for replying :)

Hey. Thanks for the reply. I'm really delving deep into this because I'm pretty serious about getting a car I can love driving and do some work on. From what I read at netvettes.com, the 91 has 50 less horsepower but more torque than the 92. 0-60 times are about equal but the LT1 gives a better 1/4 mile time. I've also been told that for about $1000.00, I could upgrade the intake which would boost my torque much more.

Does this sound off to anybody? Or am I on the ball here?
What's up Sal,
The '91 was the last year for the L98. They are great motors. There are so many performance parts for the L98, it's almost endless. My last L98 car had a basically stock motor, beefed up trans, and a 3.75 rear end gear. I was walking from LT-1's pretty easy from a red light. They would have taken me from a punch though......
Bone stock with sticky tires, mine was running 14.1's at 96mph

Good luck with the purchase and let us know what happens

Thanks for the reply! That's good to know - great off the line. What would you suggest for that 'punch' while cruising then? That's where the 50 extra horsepower comes in... Would a performance intake help in that area or would that just be more power off the line?

(I'm not the most technical guy when it comes to cars )

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