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1992 ASR troubles

Steven Wheeler

New member
Dec 21, 2019
1992 six speed
Greetins all,

I'm having a bit of a problem with the ASR system on my 1992 six speed coupe. The ABS/ASR system was down for a three years (10,000 miles) due to a couple of bad wheel sensors. As I am of the opinion that these two systems are completely unnecessary I did not address the issue until other maintenance was required. This spring I replaced both front wheel hubs, suspension bushings and one rear wheel speed sensor. Finally after three years, those two stupid lights were off.

Upon starting the car I hear a growl from the drivers rear compartment. The ABS is firing in 1 second bursts every three or four seconds. Foot on the brake pedal and it stops, release the brake pedal and it's back, growl..growl..growl… . I put the car in gear and can feel the brakes holding me back, I push the button and turn off the ASR and all is fine. I get the car moving and turn the ASR back on and all is fine. If I'm going fast enough for the ABS computer to read the wheel sensors all systems work as they should. When I'm not moving , growl..growl..growl.

So I pulled out my trusty paper clip and jumped the ALDL to see what the car has to say for itself, no codes. None. No ECM, no CCM, no EBCM, no history, nothing. I check the Factory Service Manual but nothing in there seems to help. Called Bob the retired mechanic buddy. We bled the brakes according to the manual. we checked grounds (some of which suck to get at) we checked power and fusible links and wires in looms where water can go.


Did an internet search and found one guy on this forum had the same issue 4 years ago but the thread ends with no resolution.

Here is the link to that thread.

So, any ideas?

Problem solved!!!

Long story short, it came down to a dirty connection. Not sure which wire of the 50 or 60 it was, I cleaned them all.

First get yourself some Deoxit D5 contact cleaner or comprable product, choose one that does dirt and corrosion. Disconnect the battery and unplug every connector in the ABS compartment and clean the contacts. I couldn't see any dirt or corrosion on the contacts but as Bob the mechanic said " you can't see inside the sockets.". I just followed the instructions on the can and when I was done hooked everything back up and all was wonderful in my Corvette universe once again.
Great you found it. Thanks for the update as I like to keep notes such as this. Have a great nite!

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