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1992 Hesitation while cornering


Mar 30, 2008
Austin, TX
1992 Coupe; 6-speed; Blue
I'm having issues with my '92 while accelerating around corners. If I take off in a straight line, I have no issues at all -- but if I gun it around a corner, or try to accelerate out of a tight turn, it hesitates as though the fuel has been cut off.

The only thing I can come up with is that the pick-up in the fuel tank is in a place where it can't get fuel when the car is in a hard turn, but a full tank doesn't seem to help it (a very low tank does, however, amplify the problem dramatically).

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas on possible solutions?

Perhaps ATC action. Happened to me once during a sharp left uphill turn under hard acceleration.
Is your ASR light coming on? If the computer senses rear wheel slippage, then it will shut down fuel and apply the brakes to correct for the tire slippage.
No... the effect is similar to the ASR correction -- but the hesitation is bad enough that there isn't any wheel slippage. And, disabling the ASR doesn't make any difference.
How much fuel was in the tank?

C4's are notorious for stumbling out of a "hard" turn when less than 1/2 a tank like at an autocross or just max performing it on the streets.
The problem is still there with a full tank -- but I first started to really notice it when the tank was somewhat low. If it's around 1/4 tank I can't even make it around an exit ramp without problems.

What do the autocross guys do to fix the problem??

What's the fuel pressure?

When was the fuel filter last changed?
While I have not seen it on 'vettes before, I have seen situations where the fuel pump mount was broken in the tank. The G force would push the pump to one side and pinch off the supply line. :W

I have also seen situations where the strainer screen that is attached to the fuel pump was weak and would bend over to one side with a big fuel slosh, creating a fuel starvation issue.

Just a thought .

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