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Help! 1993 Corvette sometimes Idles rough when in Drive / Lights flicker voltage swings


Apr 16, 2005
1988 White Coupe, 1993 "Ruby" 40th Anniversary
Happy New Year everyone!

I'm hoping some of the great folks here can help with diagnosing this issue. My car will sometime idle very rough in gear with the brake on. The voltage swings and the dash flickers. This typically only happens intermittently with the car in gear at idle.

I have replaced the battery as the old one tested low on a multimeter. In addition, I had the local autozone check the alternator and voltage regulator. He said they were fine. The voltage normally goes up to about 14.5 after starting the car so it seems the alternator is charging properly but I'm not convinced entirely there isn't an issue with the voltage regulator or alternator. Maybe a MAF issue?

Anyone else experience this specific issue.


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Anyone? Recently, I got it out of storage and in addition to the intermittent rough idle in gear it was backfiring occasionally. My alternator tested on again on my multimeter. Could the backfiring be the O2 sensors or possibly the Opti? Thanks!

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