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1997 C5, Just purchased, 2 problems


Dec 11, 2001
Absecon, NJ, USA
1997, Coupe, Arctic White, Light Gray Int.
1997 C5, Just purchased, 2 problems, but I still love it!

My firsrt Corvette, 2 problems,
1. The removable (transparent) roof creaks and rattles whenever I drive on semi-rough streets. Is there an adjustment(s) I can make?
2. Can the road clearence be raised on the car, the front of the car scrapes on backing out of my driveway, I haved try backing in to avoid this.
Can the air dams/ducts be raised? I have often scraped the front just driving on streets that have a slight rise.
My thanks for anyone who can help.

12/12/01: I measured the ground clearence at the front of the car to the ground, under 2 7/8 inches to the black plastic/rubbber air spoiler.
Hi, and welcome. As far as the air dam I don't think you can raise it unless you take it off. Don't quote me on that though because there may be a clever way someone else might know. As far as the top there is some bolts you can tighten at the top of the front window. You need to remove the trim on the top of the window inside the car. I'm sure someone else will come along with more information. I hope this helps for now. Good luck and happy holidays.
You can take up some of the slack in the top by adjusting the back latch a little tighter. Otherwise you may have to adjust all three latches to get it to stop. It may have shook loose because of the car being too low.

My air dam is 3 5/8 off the ground and I lowered it 3/4 of an inch 3 years ago. I think the last owner must have let the spring end down a little, or up, however you might look at it. It can be adjusted back up and will raise the whole car not just the dam, and you will have to get used to it dragging some of the time. By the way I think they were left hand threads. Removal of the air dam will effect the cooling system very quickly.

Welcome to the club.
mine does to

then i take it to the shop and it stops for awhile then starts rattling again but had that with all of them just turn up the radio lol
The Corvette is a bottom feeder so to speak, and that dam is not just for looks, it will effect the cooling ability of the air flow. It gets hotter.
You need the dam. My advice is to stick with the original style, they are the cheapest replacement when you damage it again, and you will. ;)

_ken :w
Surprised no one has mentioned what gets me in and out of my driveway, proceed at an angle. It is very steep and still drags on one corner but otherwise never could get in or out. I now take all dips and drives at an angle to minimize the drag of the rubber units. Doesn't seem to impact them much and saw a C4, 8 years old who let them actually wear through. Seems I might replace them before that as the scolloped look isn't something I would recommend. Good luck with the C5. :beer
I agree with you totally and I would replace it as well. Welcome to CACC and Happy Holidays.:grinsanta :SANTA :xmas
top creaking

My 99 had the creaking top when i bought it a few months ago. I just spray some lubricant on the seals every once in a while ,and the noise is gone. I have heard to use silicone spray, but i just use liquid wrench.

2 Problems, 1 corrected, 1 sheduled for repair next week

Thanks to, "c4c5 specailist".
The dealer corrected the roof rattle and creaking today. They made the adjustments to the 2 front latches and rear latch, as specifed by our "c4c5 specialist", he is a great asset to this site.

They will adjust the trim height of the car, next week to factory specs.
I brought the e-mail "c4c5" sent me to the dealer and blacked out his name. Suddenly they say we can adjust the height of the car. twice before they told me there was not any adjustment that could be made, someone installed a lowering kit.

Thanks to all who replied and a special thanks to "c4c5".
Bob B.

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