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1998 electrical reset

Jun 20, 2002
Tallahassee, FL
none right now :(
I changed the battery in my Dad's 1998 a couple months ago. My wife drove it and it died. I jumped it, took it home, changed it out. I barely drove it after that but now that he has it he has noticed an odd thing...

The dash resets and it loses some memory. The key fob doesn't work after a couple times running the car, and the dash goes back to 'odometer' instead of his usual setting which shows average MPG.

The car has randomly done this in the past since new. After the battery it's just more consistent. The dealer could never find the problem.

Any ideas?


Well-known member
Feb 7, 2003
Sylvester, Georgia
1992 white Coupe
Just a totaly wild guess on my part, have the dealer check all the grounding points. Not just tighten them but take apart and clean connections. I am certain many more knowledgeable people will answer your question. Good luke with it. If it has done it since new they should repair it under warranty, just hold their feet to the fire, or take it to a Corvette specualist.

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